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Why DGM?

DGM is a fast-growing company, where the continuous pursuit of new academic knowledge is turned into the characteristic pragmatism of the professional world. DGM is the right environment for people who want to grow professionally and are looking for new challenges.

Young Talent Program

The aim of the “Young talent” program is to accompany new graduates or Master’s Degree students in the world of work. We focus on young people who want to improve in a bold, dynamic and challenging environment. We are always looking for talented people who can permanently join our workforce so we can all keep growing together.


We believe that talented young people need to face all the possible challenges of the professional world and this is why we have the goal of guaranteeing rotations in 3 areas of DGM’s expertise (Planning, Measurement, and Management), therefore giving them the chance to deal with the different issues and perspectives of our world.


The hunger for knowledge never ends, and this is why all our staff are involved – alongside professional projects – in internal knowledge development courses, which can also be supported by investments in professional training aimed at building career pathways.


Fast growth is driven by the possibility of being exposed and taking on responsibilities right from the early years of your career, and this guides the creation of small, horizontal teams, where the younger people have the chance to show their capabilities and deal directly with the company’s senior management and our clients, receiving constant feedback about their work.

Experienced Opportunities

We are dedicated to developing our team also by adding new professional figures from different paths but with our same values. We focus on people who can work in a team, with a critical mindset, a proactive approach to work, solid technical skills, strong people skills and, above all, a passion for what they do.

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