What can we do for you?

Solve 3 major challenges for which we offer analysis, instruments and services:

  • The challenge of Performance Measurement – the ability to develop systems to monitor managerial work by running continuous diagnostics and keeping people learning;
  • The challenge of Performance Planning – the ability to predict and plan for the future with a reactive and proactive approach that can react to and anticipate events;
  • The challenge of Performance Management – the ability to promote the continuous improvement of company performances by acting pragmatically and promptly on all drivers for change.

For each of these challenges, we launch and promote specific methodologies and approaches for action, having tested their real value over time.

Performance Management

Translating measurements into effective action plans is the key element of fostering managerial execution. Companies do not always know how to effectively connect measuring approaches with processes and projects that form the basic elements of “doing business”.

Instruments are therefore needed that can link company activities to result targets, to simulate the impact on these alternative action plan results, to monitor the progress of action plans and to assess their effective outputs. This also means bringing the world of measurements closer to the business cycles that fuel and characterise decision-making processes.

With our method and experience, we have learned that measurements as such are not important in company management but can become so when you link them to instruments that can guide the decisions of people who are responsible for action at the company.

Our approach

Our Performance Management is characterised by three fundamental concepts:

Our services

  • Incentive Systems – linking company objectives to concrete behaviour and enhancing activities that can make a positive contribution to achieving these objectives
  • Cost Modelling – understanding the relationships between the company’s internal and external variables and product, process and market costs
  • Revenue Modelling – understanding the relationships between the company’s internal and external variables and revenue trends
  • Value Pricing – creating pricing systems by starting from valuable aspects of your system of offers (and not simply from the costs of your offer)
  • Process Optimization – understanding the factors that can improve process performances and simulate their impacts when faced with actions for improvement
  • Process Redesign – redesigning practices and behaviour in order to guarantee complete consistency with company objectives and full respect with the principles of compliance
  • What-if analysis – simulating the impacts on economic-financial results of changing the company’s main decisions
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