What can we do for you?

Solve 3 major challenges for which we offer analysis, instruments and services:

  • The challenge of Performance Measurement – the ability to develop systems to monitor managerial work by running continuous diagnostics and keeping people learning;
  • The challenge of Performance Planning – the ability to predict and plan for the future with a reactive and proactive approach that can react to and anticipate events;
  • The challenge of Performance Management – the ability to promote the continuous improvement of company performances by acting pragmatically and promptly on all drivers for change.

For each of these challenges, we launch and promote specific methodologies and approaches for action, having tested their real value over time.

Performance Measurement

The performance measurement systems that we often find in companies are characterised by the redundancy of measurements and the poor link with the company business model. This makes these systems of little use to supporting company and bureaucratic decisions which are heavily influenced by technical and organisational restrictions.

You need to increase the effectiveness of these systems by redesigning instruments and processes that can guarantee (a) alignment between people and different organisational units, (b) the ability to indicate excellent aspects and weaknesses of the company by working on weak signals, (c) the will to adapt when faced with increasingly dynamic strategies and contexts.

Over the years, we have learned to understand that “every company requires specific measurements”. This knowledge has led us to develop “design” and “implementation” methodologies for Performance Measurement systems that can adapt to any business environment.

Our approach

Our Performance Measurement is characterised by three fundamental concepts:

Our services

  • Economic-Financial Reporting – knowing how to read and articulate company results to make assessment and decision-making processes more incisive
  • Management Dashboards – organising smart dashboards so you can launch effective diagnostic processes
  • Integrated Reporting – integrating results and determining factors so you can keep learning about management
  • HR Radar – keeping staff costs and the factors behind them under control
  • Sales Radar – keeping sales under control by monitoring commercial outcomes and processes
  • Analytical Accounting & Costing – being aware of the costs and factors (of the structure and operations) that influence their dynamics
  • Product & Customer Profitability Analysis – being fully aware of the real value generated by your products/services and by your clients