What is a Società Benefit?

Società Benefit is a business organization form that commits to pursuing social and environmental objectives in addition to its purely financial ones. These companies seek to balance profit with public interest, making business decisions that have a positive impact on the community and the environment.
This new entrepreneurship vision aligns perfectly with DGM’s idea, and this is why we are proud to have become a Società Benefit in July 2023. In addition, we are aiming to become a certified B Corp, based on our commitment to ethical and responsible business management.

Where we are

The 3 Società Benefit characteristics.
Società Benefit are distinguished by three fundamental characteristics: purpose,
responsibility, and transparency.




They aim to create a positive impact on society and the environment while generating profit. Sustainability is intrinsic to their business model, laying the foundation for social and environmental prosperity over time.




They contemplate the effect of business activities on community and environment, pursuing sustainable value for all stakeholders in the long term.




They commit to clearly and comprehensively communicating their progress, future commitments, and results achieved in terms of social and environmental impact, through an annual impact report.

Where we want to go

The 5 pillars of a B Corp.
We are determined to work towards a B Corp certification. To achieve this goal, we are driven by the 5 fundamental pillars of B Corps, the guiding principles that will steer our evolution and our commitment towards a business management that creates a positive and lasting impact on society.


Improve policies and practices relevant to our mission, ethics, responsibility, and transparency.


Contribute to the financial, physical, professional, and social well-being of our employees and collaborators.


Contribute to the economic and social well-being of the communities we operate in.


Improve the environmental management, reducing the ecological footprint and promoting climate protection.


Increase the value created for our customers through a continuous innovation process.

Italian legislation
Italy has recognized the importance of Società Benefit since 2016, becoming the first country in Europe, and the first outside the United States, to introduce this specific juridical form. A Società Benefit not only creates value for shareholders, but also for the entire society, ensuring that its mission remains intact notwithstanding changes in leadership or stock market listings.

Already a step ahead

DGM is already a Società Benefit, but we won’t stop there: we aim to become a certified B Corp in the near future. The path towards B Corp certification is challenging
and encourages us to continue to innovate, to grow responsibly, and to pioneer doing business that values every aspect of the community and the environment in which we
operate: for a future in which corporate success goes hand in hand with collective well-being.




Setting goals and monitoring ESG performance.
Definition of audit processes based on the ethical code.
Transformation into a Società Benefit.




Monitoring employee satisfaction.
Introduction of ESG elements in evaluations.
Definition of a workers’ code of conduct.




Definition of a suppliers’ code of conduct.
Partnerships with charitable associations.
Increase in community services (or pro-bono).




Reduction of CO2 emissions.
Impact reduction on energy and water sources.
Proper disposal and reduction of waste.




Monitoring customer satisfaction.
Proper data handling.
Customer feedback incorporation into products.

Next steps

Change of juridical form:

As of July 2023, we are a Società Benefit.

Materiality matrix:

We are committed to completing the materiality analysis, taking into account the perspective of all stakeholders (including customers, suppliers, and employees).

Code of conduct and ethical code:

Within the end of 2023 we will release new internal (workers) and external (suppliers) codes of conduct, along with the ethical code, which will formally distinguish DGM’s way of being.

Pro-bono initiatives:

Throughout 2023 we have activated pro-bono projects and initiatives cooperating with charitable associations to strengthen the relationship with the territory.

Fight against climate change:

We are evaluating alternatives to offset our activities’ emissions, while simultaneously promoting the economic development of disadvantaged realities.

Download the code of ethics now

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Download the whistleblowing reporting form now

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The transformation to a more sustainable and responsible corporate reality is not only a choice, but a commitment.
Let us join forces for a better future, now.

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